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A farmer in Bergville

Recently the Lord laid it on my heart to start emailing testimonies about
the great things He?s doing, especially in regard to healing miracles.
Initially I was hesitant but God was persistent so to him be all the
glory! It?s my prayer that you?ll be inspired to step out in greater
measures and see our God of the impossible do wonders! Be blessed!

Revelation 19:10 says ?for the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of

This means when we testify about what God has done, we are actually
prophesying that it can happen again! I?ve seen it time and again when
I?ve approached people who need a miracle, I tell them of a previous
miracle of someone who had the same problem and it stirs up faith and

My passion is to preach the proving Gospel. As Elijah put it, ?Let the
true God answer with fire!? With so many religions out there, I want
people to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that what I?m saying is true.
Jesus sent them to preach the Gospel and heal the sick. Other times He
said,? when you get there, heal the sick, then preach!
Throughout the Gospels and Acts, miracles and evangelism always went hand
in hand.

We are all part of the Great Commission.
Bill Johnson said,? The Holy Spirit is trapped in too many unbelieving
believers! He?s in you and He wants out!?
This Gospel of miracles, signs and wonders are for believers NOT

?To those who BELIEVE, in My name they shall do these same works and
greater works than these shall they do!?

When I pray for people in the street or wherever. I expect instant
miracles and check immediately after I?ve prayed to see if there?s a
difference. It?s not always instant, obviously, but if we pray and run
away we?re not stretching our faith or expectancy. Throw yourself in the
deep end and see what God does!

Someone asked me the big question ?. ? what if they don?t get healed? How
do I believe for the next one? ?
Well? what if they DO?!
The Bible says that FAITH PLEASES GOD. (Heb 11:6)
It doesn?t say the miracle pleases Him but the faith! So even if you step
out in faith and pray for 100 people and see no results, your faith is
still well pleasing to Him as if every one got healed!
Also, not all miracles are instant (therefore it?s considered a healing if
it takes time) so you never know if they?ll be healed on their way home or
tomorrow etc. so never give up!

A few months ago I passed a woman who had a big open wound on her leg that
hadn?t healed after 3 months. It was bad! I begged her to pray for her and
assured her she?d be healed! While I prayed (literally 10 seconds after I
started praying), she laughed and gave me this look like ? you?re so crazy
man!? and walked off! I was so irritated because I had the faith and
wanted her to be healed. Four days later I walked into Spur and at the
salad valley (yes, farmers do need to eat salad like their cows) this guy
kept staring at me with a massive grin. He asked me if I remembered that
woman I tried to pray for and proceeded to say, ? ?you know, the woman who
rejected you and you got irritated with??  (Wow the Lord was teaching me a
lesson that there?s more people watching you than you think!) He proceeded
to tell me that he knew the woman and that 2 days after I had ?prayed? for
her, the wound was completely healed and there wasn?t even a scar!!! He
told her that the crazy white man was telling the truth and she needed to
follow Jesus! That?s grace!

I was in Estcourt recently and had an hour to spare while a part was being
repaired so I hit the streets! I saw about 7 or 8 miracles but Jesus had a
surprise waiting! As I was walking back to the repair shop, I passed an
old Gogo who was walking tortoise pace with a walking stick! I noticed
just next to her were about 5 high school students leaning against a wall.
I ignored them and asked the old lady if I could pray for her. She thanked
me but said her ailments were too great for 1 prayer to help! I convinced
her though and knelt down to lay my hands on her knees. Just before I
prayed, I asked the student if they had ever seen a miracle before. They
said they hadn?t so I told them to watch cos they?ll see one now
(expressing faith which is confidence of things not yet seen!). after I
prayed, I told her she was healed, held up her stick and told her to say a
very religious thing: ?BYE BYE CRUTCH! JESUS HAS HEALED ME!!!? with that
she proceeded to walk perfectly? then run! The students started jumping
and, for lack of a better word, FREAKING OUT! One young man had his hands
on his head saying over and over ?Now I?ve seen God! Now I?ve seen God!?
A group of about 13-15 students formed around me, I gave them the Gospel
and in the street the sinner?s prayer was shouted out! They were all set
ablaze for Jesus!
Now just as I moved on from there, a young guy attached himself to me and
was asking me questions. He was so disappointed because he hadn?t seen the
miracle but was only told by his friends. God granted him his desire
immediately cos walking toward us was a ?FREEBEE? (PEOPLE WITH CRUTCHES
BOTH FREE AND FUN!). She didn?t want prayer but she had no choice cos she
was surrounded by lunatic students trying to convince her she?d be healed!
She was healed and interestingly enough walked off without receiving Jesus
or even saying thank you! God is good!

Grocery shopping with your wife can be FUN!! Here?s a guide to enhancing
your shopping experience:

Tess, my wife, and I were in Pick n Pay grocery shopping. A guy passed us
who limped with two crutches- hit by a car in May 2009. We prayed for him
and he got healed! His daughter, who was captivated looking at the sweets
turned around and screamed, ?Haaibo!? when she saw him walking perfectly!
A few minutes later, 2 employees (who saw the before and after of the guy)
came for healing. They brought their friends who brought their friends
(fellow employees) from all over the store to get healed! They just kept
coming from everywhere! Uninvited! Our shopping was ruined!! At one point
we had 12 people blocking the aisle to be healed and even saved shouting
the sinner?s prayer in aisle 5! -- So hungry for God! Words of knowledge
were plenty - teeth, deaf ears, backs etc healed. A family even came from
the parking lot after seeing the first guy walking out the store carrying
his crutches! The father brought his wife and son. The son who had seen
the miracle, ran to the parking lot to tell his dad (who obviously wasn?t
the shopping-with-your-wife type), and his father wouldn?t believe his son
- that?s until he saw the man walking to his car, pushing his trolley with
2 crutches in it! They got healed of sugar diabetes and poor eyesight. The
Hindu manager approached us and wanted to know what we were doing
(disrupting the store!). I told her Jesus was possessing and healing the
people and gave her the Gospel. Just then another employee came up to me
to be healed and I told the manager the guy would be healed as he received
Jesus into his heart ? without me praying or laying hands on him, to prove
Jesus is real. He was healed and the manager was shocked and hurried off.
Over 30 miracles in the grocery store!
We forgot to buy half our groceries, but I?d have a day like that anytime!
Jesus was awesome!

Well I hope you were blessed by the testimonies. It?s my deepest desire to
see people making miracles signs and wonders a lifestyle. Sometimes one
miracle has a greater impact then 100 really good sermons! In John 4,
Jesus got a whole city saved through a word of knowledge! Remember, faith
is spelled R-I-S-K! Go for it, try it, partner with Him and see what

Please don?t hesitate to send questions or comments. I would love to hear
from you.

Be mightily blessed,