Open Heaven Ministries

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Ministering healing on the streets with the Bethel students
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TB of the spine healed in Harrismith!
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Car accident - messed up knee healed! Praise Jesus!
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Outside Game Stores ... Guy had an accident in 2011. Broke HIS FEMUR (bone between knee and hip!) COMPLETELY healed in 60 seconds!! Jesus is awesome!
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This guy had an appointment to get his foot AMPUTATED the following week. Foot's been in this state for 10months!
When we started praying he started freaking out! I kept asking if it was paining because he looked in agony!
He kept denying it and saying something's happening in his foot (HE's HAD ZERO FEELING FOR MONTHS!)
An awesome miracle took place in the next 5 minutes!!
FEELING, HEALING, and HOPE returned to this guy! Curse of a witch doctor was broken. 
Jesus showed up! He's awesome like that!
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Fun at shoprite!! I met Tess in this aisle and this lady, who had a messed up hip and knee, came hobbling passed. She thought we were crazy (understatement) until she got 100% healed !!! Woohoo Jesus! That's where it happens!!! In aisle 14!!
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This guy encountered Jesus tonight! Got shot twice! In hospital for 2 weeks now. Being drained of fluids daily and been operated on. Serious pain.... GOOOONE!!!!!!! Completely, fully, nothing-left-to-fix HEALED!! Praise God! This guy was blown away... by love.. and gave His life to Jesus on the spot!
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Had an amazing time with Jesus on the streets of Ladysmith !! This lady had an open wound burst vein condition since 1979!! Today's the first day without pain in 33 years!! Jesus!! She was so overjoyed!
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Great time at emmaus hospital tonight. Saw 3 broken limbs healed ! This guys ankle broke a few days ago. Another kid's elbow healed and another guy's shin bone healed! Glory!!
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Prayed for a lady who had pain in her leg for a long time! She left praising Jesus as she carried her crutch with her! Thank you Jesus!!