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Not Superman - Super C!


I was on my way home one day (in a hurry as usual), enjoying a roll of Super
C's and I passed 2 men sitting under a tree. The Holy Spirit said the
strangest thing to me."Go back and give them the rest of your super C's!"
And that's all He said! Well, the negotiations in my mind began. Out of a
roll of 10-12 sweets, I still remember counting only 3 left. The excuses
kept filling my mind as I wasn't too excited to part with my last 3 candies!
Then I had the perfect excuse.. I thought very rationally. 'Lord, you want
me to turn around, greet the men, give them each a sweet (and expect them to
share the 3rd one!) and ask them if they want to receive Jesus (cos of my
"such great selfless generosity?!!!!")' Well, I didn't get an answer. But in
the silence, He was speaking. After a sigh I said "Alright Lord, I'll do
it," and turned around. To my delight, everything made sense the moment I
approached them! I noticed one of the men had a broken leg with a cast!

When God orchestrates a situation like that, you just know it's His will
that this guy gets healed NOW! You don't even need to stir up faith. With
100% confidence I could expect a miracle because I realized it actually had
nothing to do with super C's (which I forgot to give them) but with God
wanting to reveal His love to them.  Praise God I obeyed a weird command!
That's why intimacy with God is so important. Jesus said, "My sheep hear My
voice." If I had not obeyed, He would not have said, "OK I'll just appear to
them in shining glory and do the job Wendell was supposed to do." No, that
guy would've had the cast on for the full 6 weeks and never experienced an
encounter with God.

He phoned a few days later to tell me the cast was cut off and he was
walking perfectly. and loving Jesus!

I'm so glad I obeyed, but sometimes neglecting that still small voice can
have disastrous consequences!

Recently I heard a heart wrenching story of a teenage girl who had given up
on life. She was going to end her misery and prayed and said, "God, I'm
going to the pier and I'm going to jump into the ocean beneath and end my
life. There's no meaning to this life. If You are real and You care, send
someone to the pier to stop me."

She went to the pier. Nobody came. She jumped.

Was there no one in the whole city who could hear His voice? Was there
nobody who would act upon the Spirit's unction to blindly obey and go to a

Perhaps that area was not safe. Maybe it was during winter and God's
children had 'rational' reasons why they couldn't go. What COULD have
happened? She could've been saved from destruction and become a fireball for

Oh, may we be sensitive to the still small voice!

A question I've asked myself is how do I KNOW that it's God speaking and not
my own random thoughts? I wish I had the answer clearly in black and white,
but if you think about it, how do you recognize people's voices? Only
through conversation! I have often put on an accent when phoning a friend or
family member and unless I'm really good, they catch me out because they
recognize something in my tone or in the way I speak that gives me away!

With regards to hearing God's voice, if I have an unction in my spirit or a
thought, I act on it! Sometimes I'm wrong, but the more I practice and spend
time listening for His voice, the better I hear and discern. The good old
saying remains true: PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT!

Hebrews 6:12 In order that you may not grow disinterested and become
[spiritual] sluggards, but imitators, behaving as do those who through faith
and by practice of patient endurance and waiting are [now] inheriting the

I was walking with Tess, my wife, one day and we were on our way to pray for
a dear mother's daughter at the daughter's house. As we neared the house, a
name 'Tandeka' dropped in my head. I immediately turned to the mother and
said, "Who's Tandeka?"

The mother gave me a shocked look and said, "That's the name of my daughter
whose house we're going to!"

I rejoiced because I had spoken out names in the past without much success
but perseverance and practice in discerning God's voice paid off!

God blessed that family mightily. Their faith was also built up through the
word of knowledge and a prophetic word about Tandeka's rebellious son! While
we were praying for her, I put Tess on the spot and told her to get a word
for her from God, bowed my head (avoiding 'the look' she gave me), and
waited. She asked Jesus though and got such a powerful word that, after she
gave it, the mother was blown away and kept on repeating to her "howu!! you

Thank you Jesus!


I was driving one day with my sister and we passed an elderly man who
clearly was in crippling pain and was walking slowly with a stick. I turned
to Kim and said, "Should we zap him?"

We stopped and turned around. But there was a problem. we had Maroon 5, a
secular CD, playing in the car at the time!

How high would your faith level be if you were about to pray for an almost
crippled man with a Maroon 5 song stuck in your head? Fortunately I had the
revelation of grace but didn't say anything to Kim. We prayed for him and he
was completely healed! As we drove off, I looked and saw the man standing in
amazement at what just happened (his back was to us) and watched as he
tipped his hat in reverence to God, and continued to walk perfectly - cane
under his arm!

Kim learned a valuable lesson: don't let anything condemn you and give you a
'valid' reason why you can't obey or why it won't work. Always be available
to allow his life to flow through you.

If you're gonna wait for a worship song to come on the radio, while in a
supermarket, so that you feel like you're in church, before you decide to
pray for someone, you'll definitely miss it!

We need to remember that as we're learning and God's teaching and maturing
us, there's more than enough grace for us to make mistakes, learn from them
and grow!  The life we are supposed to live is one of 100% grace. God does
it ALL! We relied on 100% grace to save us, but after that, we often resort
to working and striving to be good enough for God and we began to mix grace
with law and condemnation. Its not 90% grace and 10% law! Romans 8 declares
that there's NO (zero!) condemnation for those who are in Christ. God's not
looking for our good works that we run around trying to perform so as to get
His attention somehow. We already have His attention. We're His favourite!
He's made us worthy!

All He requires of us is our availability and willingness - so that His life
can flow through us, His earthen vessels!


I thought I'd just throw in this story. This is definitely one that baffled
me for a long time! If you have the answer, I'd love to hear it!

I was in Harrismith 2 years ago, visiting a pastor friend of mine. We prayed
for his neighbour's daughter who was about 12 years old. She was suffering
from an unknown muscle disease. It had become so severe that she had been
taken out of school because she could hardly hold a pen! Literally every
single muscle in her body was paining - all the time! Can you imagine every
muscle from your toes right up through your legs, back, neck, face etc. in
pain 24/7?

As we prayed for her that Saturday morning, the glory of God was so thick in
that place. We had been worshiping and praying in the lounge for hours! She
stepped into the glory and was completely healed within a few minutes.

I told her, "Freely you have received, freely give!" and we went straight to
town with her to minister to people on the street. This girl went with such
boldness! Going ahead of us (we tried to keep up!) I remember her praying
for a Gogo who had 3rd degree burns. She wept because she couldn't embrace
her grandchildren. If they tried to hug her, she would scream out because of
the pain! After this girl prayed for her, she was 100% healed. The Gogo was
slapping herself with no pain! The next Kathryn Kuhlman was prowling the
streets! We watched in amazement how a 12 year old just loved people and
grownups were weeping as she ministered to them! WOW what a success story
right?! Healed by 10am and healing the sick by 10:30! I went home that
afternoon ecstatic!

The next morning I had a call from the pastor who informed me that around
3pm, the pain had returned and the girl was in a worse state then before!
What? I got so angry with that devil and made plans to go back and sort it
out - not with arrogance but with the authority we have (read David and
Goliath)! But the family, who were very religious (in the Pharisee sense),
wouldn't allow us near her to pray for her again and every door slammed
shut! This amazing story seemed to backfire horribly. What an attack on

I was very disappointed, but God used that situation to teach me one of
life's powerful lessons:

We are the vessels; He's the One who does it. The results are not up to us.
Our purpose is to be available and willing, have faith and trust in God. The
results are up to Him - not us! That's why I can pray for any sickness or a
cripple and not be scared to try again if they don't get healed! I've prayed
for people with cancer who experienced instant healing and prayed for others
with more faith, more expectancy, and they passed on to eternity.

It is humbling for sure when they don't get healed but since when are we
supposed to have a reputation?! Without pride and a reputation, you have
nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Hebrews 6:12 In order that you may not grow disinterested and become
[spiritual] sluggards, but imitators, behaving as do those who through faith
and by practice of patient endurance and waiting are [now] inheriting the

Since then, the Lord has opened the door for the pastor and his wife to
minister to and counsel the family. The family's growing spiritually and are
receptive and the girl is much better and returned to school this year. The
Lord knows what He's doing and we trust in Him!

The Bible says that without faith, it's impossible to please God. In other
words, the way we please God is through faith! Results belong to God.
Therefore, God is just as pleased when I pray and see a miracle and when I
pray and nothing happens! As long as I have faith!

If it was all about apparent results, Jesus ministry was a huge flop! He
healed thousands, fed probably well over 10 thousand people supernaturally,
had crowds trampling each other just to see Him, and eventually had 120 to
show for it! (Acts 2)

Hebrews 10:23 So let us seize and hold fast and retain without wavering the
hope we cherish, for He Who promised is reliable (sure) and

faithful to His word. And let us consider and give attentive, continuous
care to watching over one another, studying how we may stir up to love and
helpful deeds and noble activities.

May you continue in the work without growing weary in well doing because in
due time. we shall reap if we do not faint, cease and lose heart. (Gal 6:9)

Be blessed!